Massage Therapy by Patti
Services and Rates

At this time I am offering massage sessions in-studio at the rate of $70 for 60 minutes; $85 for 90 minutes.

 First-time visits are half price for 1 hour; $50 for 90 minutes.  Every 5th visit within a year's time can receive a 30% discount.

 Cash or check are preferred forms of payment.  (Venmo may also be used or Paypal if necessary; I do not make credit card transactions at this point.)

Investing in massage is an investment in your (or your loved one's) well-being.
The most typical and popular mode of massage is Swedish massage, which is designed to bring nourishment to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind.
I may also offer assistance for clients' body issues through deep tissue body work as well as implementing elements of various bodywork modalities together within a session in order to focus on specific areas of concern (e.g., stretches, trigger point work).
--Specialized bodywork or Touch Therapy on an Out-Call Basis -- I sometimes travel to private residences, hospitals or facilities to work with the elderly or others who are impaired or medically frail... anyone with restricted range of motion (in bed, in wheelchair).
This intensely focused yet gentle, soothing work can be beneficial to your loved one in helping to increase circulation, exercise unused/atrophied muscles, help reduce cramping & spasms, as well as having a calming effect emotionally.
--Acutely focused work with patients in Hospice Care.   


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